About Us

Hello! We’re a light-hearted couple with combined experience in creative photography, graphic design, filmmaking and Screen Combat.
We’re perfectionists, love our work and are proud of our studio.
All this makes us awesome.

We are primarily located in Greater West London, TW16.
We regularly go mobile for larger events.

Aside from our corporate and product work, our speciality is Action & Portrait Photography for performers in film, TV and stage.

Elly has a long history in digital media, image retouching and her best friends are all cats.
Jim has a background in photography, graphic design, works special action in film/TV and name-drops constantly.

Our approach

Time flies in the studio! We plan ahead with our clients: Ideas, props, mood-boards, logistics.
Better prep, better results.

Each and every image should convey your message and be free from distraction. Be it face, hair, clothing, background.
Attention to detail is our obsession.

Demands are different and images must suit their purpose:
Should the photo be natural or flawless? How and where will it be used?
Remember the big complaint from casting directors: You don’t look anything like your photo!

We want to love these photos as much as you do, and we want to be proud to show them.
And we know how important fresh photos are and how fussy agents can be.

We want our clients onboard, engaged, feeling safe and enjoying themselves.
Your mind is connected to your face, so having it in the right place is fundamental.

How it works

  • We discuss the shoot in detail before booking.
  • The shoot takes place. You feel warm and fuzzy.
  • You receive a contact sheet containing your options.
    (The number is subjective: an individual may expect to see anything from 20 to 40 images)
  • You pick your inclusive images and any optional extras.
  • We process your images and invoice you for any extras.
  • You download your images. Multiple versions are included: Medium/Hi-resolutions; Facebook and Instagram friendly versions.

What's my Motivation?

Hollywood squint, anyone?

Whether a professional Actor’s headshot, Character or Corporate, or an agent-friendly Extra portrait, our aim is to create professional, contemporary, hi-resolution images to meet your needs.

The fine details depend on the domain, but we work closely with all our clients, view images with them in real time, and aim to give a decent number of options upon completion.

Whether the camera loves you or not; whether this is your first time in a studio or not; we will take the time needed to thrust your face into the annals of history!

Creative Action what now?

Let me see your war face!

We’re experienced in martial arts, firearms and stage combat. Do you want to look flashy or disciplined? Or both, or neither? We’ll establish what you’re doing and why, to be true to character.
With controlled and careful intention, we’ll bring it to life.

You’ll poke someone’s eye out with that!

Toys! Along with smoke, gelled lighting and basic makeup, you may want a prop or two.
We can supply a number of shiny toys, and if we’re on site with our buds at Independent Drama, there will be even more.
You can of course bring your own gear. There are strict restrictions however, and everything must be agreed upon in advance.

Note: Costumes are up to, and should be organised by, the client.

A few noteworthy things

Expect a wait time of 2 to 4 weeks when booking.

A deposit of up to 50% must be received a minimum of 5 days before the shoot.
Cancellations must be received a minimum of 72 hours before the shoot, or the deposit may be forfeit.

Only the client will be allowed into studio space. Unexpected individuals will be shooed away.

The photographer retains all copyright. We own your face.

More questions? Please get in touch or check our FAQ  page.