About Us

  • Creative Action Photography
  • Portraiture for Actors, Extras, Families
  • Product Photography
All credentials aside, our speciality is Action & Portrait Photography for performers in film, TV and stage.
Our PRIMARY studio is located in Greater West London.
We REGULARLY go mobile for larger events.
We have combined experience in creative photography, graphic design, filmmaking and Screen Combat. This colourful mix has, over a number of years, culminated in the birth of our studio.
Elly has a long history in digital media, image retouching and her best friends are all cats.
Jim has a background in photography, graphic design, works special action in film/TV and name-drops constantly.

Our approach

An hour will absolutely fly by in the studio. We plan ahead with our clients: Ideas, props, mood-boards, logistics. The better the planning the greater the results.

Each and every image should convey your message and be free from distraction. Be it face, hair, clothing, background. Attention to detail is our compulsion.

Sounds obvious, but it’s often not. Demands are different and Images must suit their purpose.
For example: Do you need a natural photo, or a flawless one?
Remember, a big complaint from casting directors is applicants looking nothing like their photo!

We want to love these photos as much as you do, and we want to be proud to show them.

We want our clients onboard, engaged, feeling safe and enjoying themselves.
Having your mind in the right place is fundamental – It’s directly connected to your face after all.

We empathise when it comes to the performing arts. We know what it’s like sat in front of the camera, what you want out of a shoot and what you want to pay. We know how important fresh photos are and how fussy agents can be.


We know what makes you tick

The camera loves a lucky few, and then there’s the rest of us..
This could be physical, social or mental. A complete lack of confidence perhaps, or far too much. It could be facial asymmetry or blemished skin. Let’s face it, an actor needs to come to terms with what they are before they can promote themselves.

So what do we do about it?
If we want a natural photo, very little. Or maybe a nice angle, lighting and a gentle bit of retouching to make you look like you on your best day. Or maybe we go all out to create (or re-create) the character you’re portraying.

So, depending on why you’re here, there’s a physical, technical or mental workaround for almost everything should you want it.
Your face, and everything wired into it is our business, and we’ll tweak it till it works.

God, you look awesome in that pic...

We understand your physicality. We have a great deal of experience in martial arts, firearms and stage combat. Do you want to look cool or disciplined. Or both, or neither. Sometimes the movies get it wrong; sometimes on purpose. The most important thing is knowing what you’re doing and why, so to be true to your character.

We’ll work you like a puppet until you show intent and to bring that story to life.

And when it comes to spicing things up we have a number of props – but it’s always nice to source your own equipment for originality.


We’re just starting out. The portfolio is building and we’re dreaming big.

We have a clear direction and we hope to indelibly forge our style onto multiple industries.
We are adaptable and aim to be a one-stop-shop for many businesses and clients.

Please note that while we try to have a clear Price  list for our Packages, many jobs are bespoke and therefore prices can change.

There are usually a ton of questions, no matter what type of photography you’re talking, so please get in touch or check our FAQ  page.