Things to Consider

Clothing - Portraits

Please avoid the following:

– Fine stripes/patterns
– Large/distracting designs
– Very bright/luminous colours or shiny fabrics
– Logos (very small logos may be ok)

Please try to ensure clothing is ironed and clean.
Clothing items can be ironed in the studio (by the client and at their own risk) but please note this may use up valuable time.
Outfits are always best pre-planned but feel free to bring extra options on the day just in case.
If being photographed in a group avoid clashing styles and identical colours (unless themed).

If you wear glasses bring at least 2 options if possible.

You may be asked to remove your shoes, depending on the type of shoot.
If you have costume specific shoes please ensure they are clean and dry,
and carry them separately where possible.

Clothing - Themed/Action

Costumes are not supplied by JES. They must be arranged by the client.


We may have a small array of props.
Exact items will be different and change over time. Please enquire before the shoot with us for details.

You are welcome to supply your own props, as long as they are not firearms.

Hair and Makeup

Bring any hair or skin products you might need.
For example: Combs, moisturiser, lip-balm, tissue, wipes and makeup.

Consider how your skin reacts under studio lighting, and how your hair may be disturbed during costume changes.

If a makeup artist is needed it should be arranged beforehand.


Feel free to bring any food, drink or snacks. Fridge space is available.
Tea, coffee and water will be provided.
Toilet facilities are available.
Private space is available for changing.


Themed shoots (Costume, Props & Makeup) should be discussed with us before the shoot so we can plan lighting and backgrounds beforehand.

Arrive 15 minutes early if possible.
Try to be well-rested and hydrated before a shoot.

Unfortunately not. Our main demographic has little need for prints.
We can supply print friendly files on request though. Ultimate print quality will be down to your chosen printer. We recommend using a printer that will review your images for you, not an automated service that just churns them out.

Retouching is the third part of the process, after preparation and the actual shoot. It’s where we fix that flyaway hair, remove the cold sore, correct the colours, shape the exposure and deal with any distracting elements that couldn’t be dealt with during the shoot.

Unfortunately no.
Your photos go through a huge amount of care and attention before they are released. And a photographer is judged by what he places in the public domain.

We aim to get a Contact Sheet out to you within a week.
Please note, this will be dependent of your session type and will all be detailed beforehand.

We aim to supply them within a week of selection.
Please note, this will be dependent of your session type and will all be detailed beforehand.

All will be emailed.
Your Contact Sheet will be emailed to you for you to make your selection.
Your final images will be sent to you via WeTransfer. This will be an email with a link to download your images.

Of course. We can establish exactly what you need and why before the shoot. It’s part of the process.
On the flip-side, if you are using the images for online promotion only, you may choose to leave composition entirely down to us.

Cash or Bank Transfer.

Yes. A deposit of up to 50% will be required and must be received a minimum of 5 days before the shoot.

General Data Protection Regulation.
The premises’ are covered by CCTV. GDPR will be respected.

Depending on the package and the client, we may use one or more of your images to promote our business.
This could include social media and the website portfolio.
All this will be explained clearly in our TOS before the shoot.

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