This will all be discussed before the shoot. Usually you will simply need a carefully packed selection of clothing.
Whether planning a costume change or not it’s always wise to bring a number of options. And a clean pair of socks!

Feel free to bring a sandwich if you think you’ll get hungry.

Lots of things to consider, depending on the style of shoot and how your head generally holds itself together:

  • Hair:  Make sure your hair is presentable and you have any necessary product or brushes. Men, trim those beards.
  • Skin: Are you a bit oily? Sweaty? Bring whatever product you think you’ll need.
  • Lips: Dry & chapped? Bring lip balm.
  • Makeup: Don’t wear too much! It’s much easier to improve skin during retouching than it is to hide giant crusts of makup.
  • Teeth: …Is that asparagus?

Final note – Drink plenty of fluids on the day and arrive hydrated. It’s a simple, effective way to look after your skin – and we all forget it.

Certainly. Depending on what we’re doing you might even send one to us.

If we have a specific style or theme in mind, and you need some creative input, we can email you a montage of images to get those juices flowing.

Generally no, although we do have an outdoor area we can use if the weather is good and the shoot demands it.

However, if you have a gem of a location in mind we may be interested.

No, although we can hire one on request. This must be organised way in advance and will obviously cost extra.

We have a small selection of props, from instruments to arms, hats to tools, although the majority of props seen in our images may not be ours.
It’s always best to source your own props if possible. We can help where we can.

We have a toilet and a fridge. It’s up to you to put the right thing in each.
We also have a near-continuous supply of milky tea. And if you’re very lucky, biscuits.

We have ample, private space to change.

Yes. Lots of parking.

We cannot unfortunately extend a session if a client is late, we will have to squeeze in what we can.
Please do all you can to arrive in good time as this may negatively effect the shoot, which is bad for both of us.

Cancellations must be received a minimum of 72 hours before the shoot, or the deposit may be forfeit.
If we can fill your spot then your deposit may be returned, but this is very unlikely.

By all means, we encourage it.
15 minutes early would be ideal. Time for a cup of tea and a relaxed conversation about the details of the shoot.

Please note that an hour+ early is too early. We may have to ask you to return.

Only the client will be allowed into studio space. Unexpected individuals and any pets will be shooed away. Even Steve.
We will of course make exceptions for guardians, although this must be agreed beforehand.

There’s a local cafe if this is genuinely a problem.

It’s not our focus, and we have other photographers we’d recommend.
That said, if you’re comfortable with us then please enquire.

No way! We’d happily recommend someone though.

Yes. And this will most likely fall under the Mobile package on our Pricing page. Please enquire.

We cannot allow animals into the studio.
We do however have a separate location where this might work, or a garden shoot may be in order.
It should be noted, photographing animals can be a tricky, time consuming process and quality cannot be guaranteed.

Unfortunately not. Our main demographic has little need for prints.
We can supply print friendly files on request though. Ultimate print quality will be down to your chosen printer. We recommend using a printer that will review your images for you, not an automated service that just churns them out.

Retouching is the third part of the process, after preparation and the actual shoot. It’s where we fix that flyaway hair, remove the cold sore, correct the colours, shape the exposure and deal with any distracting elements that couldn’t be dealt with during the shoot.

Unfortunately no.
Your photos go through a huge amount of care and attention before they are released. And a photographer is judged by what he places in the public domain.

We aim to get a Contact Sheet out to you within a week.
Please note, this will be dependent of your session type and will all be detailed beforehand.

We aim to supply them within a week of selection.
Please note, this will be dependent of your session type and will all be detailed beforehand.

All will be emailed.
Your Contact Sheet will be emailed to you for you to make your selection.
Your final images will be sent to you via WeTransfer. This will be an email with a link to download your images.

Of course. We can establish exactly what you need and why before the shoot. It’s part of the process.
On the flip-side, if you are using the images for online promotion only, you may choose to leave composition entirely down to us.

Cash or Bank Transfer.

Yes. A deposit of up to 50% will be required and must be received a minimum of 5 days before the shoot.

General Data Protection Regulation.
The premises’ are covered by CCTV. GDPR will be respected.

Depending on the package and the client, we may use one or more of your images to promote our business.
This could include social media and the website portfolio.
All this will be explained clearly in our TOS before the shoot.

You students are so funny! 😀

Absolutely not! We’re a cute, loving, innocent, modern couple!

Hmmm… Have you tried turning it off and on again?