This usually breaks down to 2 things: Clothing and Product. Both of which will be discussed beforehand.

On average we need 5 or 6 options, although the more the better as we may make a number of decisions on the day.
Also please iron everything first!

Anything you might need to keep yourself presentable (makeup, hair spray, comb, etc).
Consider how any costume changes could affect your hair or face. And bear in mind a shoot could last for several hours.

No, although we can hire one on request. This must be organised way in advance and be at extra cost.

Yes. We will establish exactly what you need and why before the shoot.

Some elements to consider are technical and some are subjective. We’re familiar with what most agents want (for both Actors and Extras), but if you need a specific style, format or dimension please let us know.

All that said, agents can be fickle people and there’s never any absolute guarantee. We can only follow their guidelines.

Creative Action

There are 3 areas to consider: Clothing/Costume, Props & Product/Makeup.
All of which are fundamental to the shoot and will be discussed beforehand.

Certainly. We will likely work on one together in preparation for the shoot. You are also welcome to send one to us.

What is a mood board?
A montage of images to capture a specific style, theme or time period. This gets ideas flowing and puts everyone’s heads in the same place.

No, although we can hire one on request. This must be organised way in advance and be at extra cost.

We do have basic blood and dirt makeup which we will happily include and apply if the shoot demands it.

We do not supply costumes unfortunately.

We do have a small number of accessories, but you are encouraged to visit a costume hire if the shoot demands it.

We have a small selection of props, from instruments to arms, hats to tools, although the majority of props seen in our images may not be ours.

We encourage you to source your own. Although this does NOT include firearms (unless from a proven costume/prop hirer). We must agree upon ALL props in advance.

Basically don’t turn up with an unexpected shotgun or razor sharp samurai sword you borrowed off your mate Steve. We will likely call the police.


Yes. Your gallery will be accessible for 12 months.

Unfortunately not. Our main demographic has little need for prints.
We can supply print friendly files on request though. Ultimate print quality will be down to your chosen printer. We recommend using a printer that will review your images for you, not an automated service that just churns them out.

Retouching is the final part of the process, after the actual shoot. It’s where we fix that flyaway hair, remove the cold sore, correct the colours, shape the exposure and deal with any distracting elements that couldn’t be dealt with during the shoot.

Social media platforms use heavy compression. The alternative social-media-friendly versions we supply will be best suited for their respective algorithms.

We feel this is important as many (sometimes all) images will be viewed solely on social media, so every effort should be made for them to be seen at their best.

We’ll give you access to a web gallery (Contact Sheet) within a week or so following the shoot.
You’ll be able to make your selection and highlight any extras you’re tempted by.

We aim to supply them within two weeks of your selection.

You’ll receive a download link via email. You’ll need to download a zip file to your PC; unzip and enjoy.

At our home studio, yes.

If we’re working at a drama school, for example, it will depend on the location. London schools are generally a NO.

We have ample, private space to change.

We have a toilet and a fridge. It’s up to you to put the right thing in each.

We also have a near-continuous supply of tea. And if you’re very lucky, biscuits.
Feel free to bring your own refreshments or whatever you need to stay comfortable, happy and focused.

We cannot extend a session if a client is late, we will have to squeeze in what we can.
Please do all you can to arrive in good time as this may negatively affect the shoot, which is bad for both of us.

Cancellations must be received a minimum of 72 hours before the shoot, or the deposit may be forfeit.
If we can fill your spot then your deposit may be returned, but this is very unlikely.

Only the client will be allowed into studio space. Unexpected individuals and any pets will be shooed away. Even Steve.

We will of course make exceptions for guardians, although this must be agreed beforehand.