If you have photographic needs that don’t quite fit one of our packages just let us know and we will accommodate where possible.

Some sessions can be booked back-to-back with a friend (combined and shared). Specifically Creative Action packages and certain Headshot sessions.

1.5 Hour Session
4 Retouches
Extras £15
1 or 2 Costume Changes
Contemporary Backgrounds
Actors / Performers
A session full of style and substance, entirely tailored to your needs.
SA Package
1.5 Hour Session
9 Retouches (minimal)
Extras £10
6 Outfits Maximum
Pure White Background
Supporting Artists
A mix of headshots, 3/4 length and full length, depending on needs.
Creative Action
2 Hour Session
4 Retouches
Extras £20
Prop Selection & Smoke
Contemporary Backgrounds
Stunts, SPACs, Performers
A themed shoot, potentially with props, makeup and more.
Individuals or Small Groups
1 hour to 6 hour shoots
1 or 2 Outfit Changes
Professional images, entirely bespoke for your company needs.
Corporate Visit
Small or Large Groups
Full Day Shoots
Client Locale
This is an entirely bespoke package and the price shown is a starting guide only. Factors include distance, access, time, space, requirements and usage.