If you have photographic needs that don’t quite fit one of our packages just let us know and we will accommodate where possible.

Some sessions can be booked back-to-back with a friend (combined and shared). Specifically Creative Action packages and certain Headshot sessions.

2 Hour Session
4 Retouches
Extras £15
1 or 2 Costume Changes
Contemporary Backgrounds
Actors / Performers

Style, substance and character, entirely tailored to your needs.

SA Package
2 Hour Session
9 Retouches (Minimal)
Extras £10
6 Outfits Maximum
Pure White Background
Supporting Artists

A mix of headshots and full length, depending on needs.

Creative Action
3 Hour Session
4 Retouches
Extras £20
Prop Selection & Smoke
Contemporary Backgrounds
Stunts, SPACs, Performers

A themed shoot,
with props, makeup and more.