Photography is often a bespoke exercise,
therefore many of these packages and their prices should be considered guides.

Our goal is to create an accommodating package at the best price possible.

If in doubt please Contact us.

Actors, Extras & Performers

Actor / Professional


A session full of style and substance, entirely tailored to you needs.

Time for one or two costume changes if need be.

Sessions can be booked back-to-back with a friend for increased productivity.

  • 1.5 Hour Session
  • 4 retouches included
  • Extras £15 each
Supporting Artist


Properly composed, clear images with a white backdrop. Minor retouching. Agent friendly!

Up to 6 outfits and 12 retouches included.
Example: Headshot and 3/4 length for each outfit (or full length if outfit demands).

  • 1.5 Hour Session
  • 6 outfits maximum
  • 12 retouches maximum
  • Extras £10 each
Creative Shoot

£150 +

A themed shoot, potentially with props, for 1 or 2 people.

This could be a character profile, scene recreation, performing skill or more.

Whatever you need, as long as time & resources allow.

  • 2 Hour Session
  • 4 retouches included
  • Extras £20 each

Corporate & Product Photography

Corporate - STUDIO

£120 +

Professional images, entirely bespoke for your company needs.

Best suited for small groups.

Pricing is essentially based on group size.

Corporate - LOCATION

£250 +

We'll come to you!

This is an entirely bespoke package and the price shown is a starting guide only.

Factors include distance, access, time, space, requirements and usage.

We will likely need ample space and either a half or full day, depending on group size.


£100 +

We can photograph products of almost any size or type.

Products can be shipped to us, collected by us, or we can come to you.

Be it functional images for Online Commerce, creative images for Advertising, or outsized images like vehicles or property.

Because of this, prices are entirely bespoke.

  • Online Commerce
  • Advertising
  • Modelled Clothing
  • Large Products
  • Property